Have you heard? We're #1 in Overall Value!

Freeflow Spas® is proud to be #1 in Overall Product Value by TradeCertified™ for 2020!

This honor recognizes our commitment to delivering a high value, feature rich hot tub experience at an affordable price.  

Freeflow Spas has a hot tub to meet any need, with 10 models to choose from between the Sport and Premier Series. Best of all, each spa is backed by Watkins Wellness’ 40+ year reputation for quality standards. Our dealers and customers can buy with confidence knowing that they’re receiving the best product for the price point.

Freeflow Spas Features Include Waterfall and Digital Control Panel

Features like a waterfall, multi-color underwater LED light, thoughtfully placed jets, and a digital control panel with access to timesaving modes make Freeflow Spas a great option for any experienced or new hot tubber. Each spa is rotomolded, a manufacturing process by which plastic material is melted into a mold, making the hot tubs lightweight and durable. The shell is filled with spray-in foam creating a cost-effective, energy efficient hot tub. 

  Freeflow Spas Underwater LED Multi-Color Lights Create Perfect Hot Tub Ambience   

Additionally, Freeflow Spas has earned TradeCertified status for the 10th consecutive year.  We strive to deliver products we are proud to sell every year. When you choose Freeflow Spas, you choose the experience, quality, and service you expect from a hot tub purchase.

TradeCertified status represents a commitment to excellence. Manufacturers who earn TradeCertified status get high marks from retailers and consumers on products, service, and support. Results of this independent survey are formulated by a third-party service; ensuring certifications are not influenced by advertising dollars.

Freeflow Spas Offer Valuable Together Time with Room for the Whole Family

Thank you to our dealers who participated in the annual TradeCertified survey and to those who rated us so highly. We will continue to work hard to live up to these accolades.

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