5 Tips For Selecting The Most Affordable 2 Person Hot Tubs for Sale

When you are looking for a hot tub, you may find that 2 person hot tubs for sale are a good fit for you and your life. First consider how many people will be using the hot tub. If it is just for you or for you and your partner or friend, then a 2 person hot tub is a great way to relax together after a long day. Next consider the features a hot tub can offer. Your home may have a bathtub, but it most likely only fits one and does not have any of the cool stuff most hot tubs have. Once you have decided on looking at 2 person hot tubs for sale, here are a few other things to think about:  

Massage Jets

One of the key features you should look for in a 2 person hot tub is therapeutic jets. The jets instantly allow you to start to relax the moment you enter the hot tub. They may even help you with sore muscles and tender spots. You should also find out if the hot tub you have allows for the jets to move into various positions so you get the full massage experience. Some jets can be positioned to focus on your back, neck, and even your feet. 

Entertainment Features

Relaxation is always the most important feature of a hot tub, but you may want some entertainment while soaking. Some added features you should consider when looking at 2 person hot tubs for sale are HD video monitors and speakers systems. Bluetooth capability allows you to watch your favorite show, listen to a podcast, or play some calming music. The 2 person hot tub by Freeflow Spas includes a removable tray that allows you to place entertainment options such as your phone, games, drinks, and more on it while hot tubbing. 

Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is essential for a 2 person hot tub because it prevents heat from escaping and maintains warm water temperatures. It also helps keep leaves, bugs, and other debris from getting into the tub when it is not in use. An added bonus of hot tub covers is the way they help improve the energy efficiency. Many hot tubs already come with a cover, but it is essential to ensure the one you want to purchase does, as not all do. You can also get a lifter or mount to make placing and removing the cover easier.

The Lighting

It is not uncommon to use your hot tub at night, which means you will want to have ambient lighting in your hot tub. You’ll want enough points of light to be able to see, but not so much that it ruins the mood and seems like daylight out. Most spas come with some type of interior light option including multiple color choices to set the ambiance. 

Water Treatment Features

Look for hot tubs that have Ozone or are Ozone ready, meaning you can install it on a later date. The Ozone system mixes concentrated ozone bubbles into the water to neutralize contaminants such as lotions, detergents, and organic waste, reducing the amount of harsh chemicals you need to maintain the hot tub. 

Place an Order for a 2 Person Spa Today

When you are looking for 2 person hot tubs for sale, Freeflow Spas has several options from which to choose: the Mini and Tristar. Your local dealer can help you choose between all of the models and find the right one for you.

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