5 Ways to Use Your Hot Tub

One of the many wonderful things about buying a hot tub is that you don't ONLY have to use it in the traditional way. Of course, we recommend soaking in all the warm water benefits for both your body and mind, that's a guaranteed good time. But take a look at these top 5 unconventional and out-of-the-box ways you can also use your hot tub! 


1. Cool Tub: Summers across the country can be scorching, which may make you think twice about a warm water soak. But don’t fret- you can still enjoy your Freeflow Spa year-round. Using the Economy mode on your tub, you can set the temperature at the lowest setting (60 degrees) and it will keep the heater off and still allow you to run the jets. The same insulation that keeps your hot tub warm can help keep the water cool as well. Dipping into fresh, cold water on a hot day is hard to beat.

A cool tub on a warm day sounds like the perfect solution.

2. Your Vacation Oasis: It can be difficult getting into the routine of using your spa regularly. Instead of installing it at your primary home and using it every once and a while, consider putting it at your second home (if you are lucky enough to have one). Having it at another property, whether you use it personally or as a rental, will create a special experience that's hard to replicate elsewhere. You can use it as a vacation oasis and a time to escape the real world for as long or short as you want. If it's solely a rental property, your tenants will be thrilled and your nightly rates may even go up! A win-win for all. 

Older couple enjoying their 3-person Tristar in the snow.

3. Your On-the-Road Entertainment: Did you know Freeflow spas are portable? Don’t let your travels stop you from using your hot tub. Bring it on your next cross-country RV trip or put it on the deck of your boat. All Freeflow models are 110-volt, Plug-N-Play, which means all you need is a generator, water and good company! Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or a relax-and-chill-on-a-boat kind of person, you can always have your hot tub with you. Photo by: Hot Tub Cruisin.

Enjoy a hot tub on a boat with all of your closest friends.

4. New Work From Home Office: Consider your daily routine. You get up, make some coffee/tea, then plop down in your chair for the rest of the day. It’s not exactly thrilling, right? Try adding a little twist to it and enjoy some fresh air…in your hot tub.😊 Mentally, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to tackle your tasks. Physically, you’ll be getting a massage and tending to your muscles and joints. Whoever says you can't be as productive while multi-tasking hasn't tried this!

Man working on his laptop in the 2-person Mini.


5. A Giant Cooler: You’re in full party planning mode. Using your hot tub at the gathering would be nice, but there are too many people to fit comfortably. Two coolers are filled, with a fridge full of beverages waiting. Do you want to be worrying about re-filling coolers throughout the party? No, you don’t! Here’s a brilliant idea: drain your hot tub for the night and fill that baby up with ice! In addition to the built-in cooler that most models have, you can use the whole tub as a cooler. The full foam insulation will keep the drinks cold all night long. Your only job is to fill it up with drinks and enjoy yourself the rest of the night, knowing all your guests are happy and taken care of. This innovative hydration station will be the talk of the night! And you know what the best part is? You can simply fill it back up the next day and enjoy a relaxing night to celebrate a successful event.

(OK, we know this suggestion is a stretch, but wouldn't it be fun to host a party with a hot tub full of drinks? EPIC!)

You can use the Mini as a large cooler and keep plenty of drinks cool as ice.

*Please drink responsibility. Alcohol is not suggested while hot tubbing.*

Many people think hot tubs are only for hot tubbing. Yes, the warm water, soothing jets, and a chance to relax is the main purpose, and that alone is incredible. However, what most people don’t know is it’s an investment you can use in many ways, for years to come. Are you ready to join the Freeflow family? Shop our models here or contact your local dealer to plug-in to the joys of hot tubbing today!

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