Don't Host your Next Backyard Party without Reading This!

Summer is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’m sure ready to head out doors and enjoy those warm sunsets, long evenings and good conversations with close friends. I love having people over and a few extra touches here and there can really set the mood for a festive time.

Paper banners in bright colors are a really easy way to add color and character to your space. And the best part of all – you don’t have to spend hours making them by hand! Seriously, the Spritz ready-made paper banners from Target are a game changer. At only $4 per pack, you can buy a few and mix and match the colors and patterns for some fun and unique atmosphere. You can hang them on walls, across a table, window, tree – wherever!

If your gathering is at night, there is no quicker ambiance fix than candles. Tea lights, votives, hurricanes – whatever you have on hand. Bring it outside and light it. You don’t have to have fancy candle holders. If all you have is a bag of tea lights, stick them in glasses and scatter the glasses around your yard or patio, being careful of course to keep them away from children or places where they could be easily kicked. You’ve just turned your boring dark backyard into an exotic retreat.

outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard

Great parties usually consist of great conversations. If you really want to get the conversation flowing, open up your hot tub and make it so inviting your guests can’t resist. Fill a few baskets with some brightly colored towels (extra gardening pots, crates or galvanized tins can also be used) and make sure to have a few extra suits on hand. Places like Old Navy and Wal-Mart are great for getting suits and towels at very affordable prices. Consider getting some sets of board shorts and rash guards for the more conservative guests. Hot tubs are an amazing place to connect with friends. There’s something about the warm water that relaxes not just the body, but the mind, allowing people to open up and reconnect with old friends, or create deeper relationships with new friends. And if the adults aren’t feeling up for a dip, hot tubs are still an awesome way to entertain the kids with hours of healthy fun that is sure to make them sleep soundly that night.

It’s a win-win! Unless you don’t have a hot tub. Then it’s a lose-lose. But it doesn’t have to be. Some places will even rent hot tubs for the weekend and they plug right into any outlet. Or you could buy one – starting at only $49 / month*, imagine all the great summer parties you could have! Check out pricing on a new spa!

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