Hot Tub History 101

There are few things in life as relaxing as a soak in warm water. The steam and bubbles immediately relax both the body and mind, enveloping you in relief and relaxation. The jets hit all the right muscles after long days and hard work. Pair that experience with your favorite music, beverage, loved one, or book, and you have a bubbly paradise.


When you daydream of your next vacation, are you at a beach resort or cozy mountain cabin? The warm countryside, or somewhere icy? No matter your destination, there is most likely a hot tub or relaxing bath feature waiting for you. So, why are tubs of hot water synonymous with vacation, relaxation, and paradise? 

Before the modern spa came to fruition, hot water baths and treatments were used as early as 2000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. They recognized the therapeutic qualities hot water baths possessed for the body and mind, and even had tubs for hot water specially made or carved out of stone in their own homes. Often, they would add essential oils and flowers to the hot water for aromatherapy.

Ancient Grecians (1500 B.C.) are said to have invented bath houses, satisfying a communal need for bathing and socialization. These bath houses would sometimes have advanced aqueduct systems to feed locations across the city, as well as complicated heating systems to keep water hot and ready! 

Hot water baths continued to rise in popularity in cultures across the globe, with Romans (200 B.C.), Japanese (750 B.C.), Native Americans (A.D. 1700)…the list goes on, and on, and on. Many cultures, countries, and cities saw hot water baths as spiritual and cleansing experiences.

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Water for these ancient baths and bath houses were heated by fire, boilers, furnaces, natural hot springs, and hot stones. Luckily, technology advanced into what we now know as modern water heaters, and the “hot tub” was invented in 1968. From there, the hot tub industry took off as people began to realize how beneficial jet massage and hot water were to their well being. Nowadays, hot tubs even increase property value and are highly sought out by people  looking for places to stay during their travels.

Hot tubs have traditionally been heavy, large, and bulky, not making it too far from those ancient stone tubs—until Freeflow Spas stepped up to the plate.


Our rotationally molded spas are portable and easy to set up on your own. Simply, fill it up and plug it in to get going! Let the perfectly placed jets and hot, bubbly water massage those aching muscles and relax your mind. The Mini is perfect for two people and fits almost anywhere, even a small balcony or the back of a pickup truck. Need room for more hot tubbers? The 7-person Monterey is perfect for entertaining.

From ancient times to today, hot tubs have been places for friends and family to gather and spend quality time together, or simply to rest, relax, and recharge alone. Ready to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors? Let's do as the Romans do.

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