How to Enjoy your Hot Tub During the Summer Months

During the summer-season most people put the lid on their hot tub and ignore it until fall--excluding the occasional cool summer night dip. Well lucky for you, we are here to spread a little secret to help you comfortably soak all summer-long!

We get it, temperatures are in the 90s, a hot tub doesn’t sound appealing but ideally you would like to wind down at night with a soak in your spa. Have no fear; turning your hot tub into a “cool tub” is quick and easy!

All you have to do is simply reduce the temperature setting to 85F or less. Another tip to making your hot tub cooling process more affordable is to run the spa with the spa cover open and air jets on. This allows the water to cool down enough to enjoy it on a hot day! Also unlike a pool, hot tubs are insulated so once you’ve initially cooled off your spa, the insulation will take care of the rest. Or if you're really desperate you can pick up some ice from the local convivence store and dump it into the hot tub for quick cooling.

So go ahead, make your hot tub a “cool-tub” for a summer filled with relaxation and personal pool time.

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