How to Get (and Stay) in the Holiday Spirit in 2020

It’s a fact, the holidays this year feel different. With most celebrations and events either canceled or turned virtual, it can be hard to feel the warm and fuzzy holiday spirit we’re used to. Luckily, there are some ways to recover a sense of normalcy and feel the winter cheer!

Spending time with family and friends
For many, holidays mean connection to family, friends, and of course, the in-laws. If you are unable to see your loved ones in person this year, consider throwing a virtual holiday party. You can organize a virtual Secret Santa with Elfster, a website where you can send wish list items directly to your assigned person. There also free apps like Houseparty that let you play real-time games with everyone. You can even have a virtual watch party with your favorite holiday movies through a Netflix extension. While virtual settings may not feel the same as gathering in person, the laughter, conversations, and connection can go a long way.

Donating toys & volunteering

It’s the season of giving! Browse the internet for your favorite childhood toys and give them to a toy drive, or find somewhere local to volunteer. Many businesses set up bins for toy donations from November-December. Chances are, there are also organizations in your town gathering food, gifts, and supplies for families and people in need this season. A quick Google search can lead you to some great volunteer opportunities!


A tried and true way to reset your body and mind, meditation is a simple way to re-center yourself. Let the stress of the season melt away with this beginner-friendly meditation session. Meditation works by refocusing your awareness to the present, training your mind to slip out of negative thoughts and refocus your energy to the present; your breath, body, and surroundings. The best thing? It only takes a few minutes.

Hot tubbing
Big Sky AHS-152

Speaking of resetting your body and mind, crack open your Freeflow spa’s thermal locking cover, dust off your Santa hat, and go for a long, relaxing soak away from the holiday shopping madness. Hang some solar twinkling lights around your spa and crank up the holiday music. Don’t forget the eggnog and fancy hot cocoa. Alone or with loved ones, a cheerful soak in your spa with holiday essentials like warm lights and cocoa is sure to bring your spirits up.


2020 has been the year of trying new things at home, so why not bake some delicious holiday treats? Baking brings your focus to the present (much like meditation), fills your house with sugary sweet holiday smells, and rewards you and your family with delicious, festive morsels. From simple thumbprint cookies to more time-consuming desserts, these 21 holiday recipes are easy to follow and fun for everyone!


Finding and keeping the holiday spirit up this year is no doubt a tough task. Hopefully with virtual connections, dips in the (festive) hot tub, helping others, meditating, and baking, we can all feel the warm holiday cheer!

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