How to Revamp Your Morning Routine

Wake up, roll out of bed, brush teeth, chug coffee, start work.

If your morning routine has been the same for a while, here are some ideas to help you look forward to even the earliest of mornings.

New Coffee or Tea

If you’re tired of sipping the same cup of joe every morning, consider trying something new. A new brand, flavor, or technique can bring excitement to your mornings and give you something to look forward to when the alarm chimes. If you’re into tea, collect your favorite flavors of loose-leaf tea and buy some cute diffusers. Or, if you’re a coffee fanatic, try pour overs or making your own cold brew.

Hot Tubbing

Waking up with sore muscles and aching bones can make for a rough start to your day. Set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than usual a few days per week and enjoy a quick soak before breakfast and work. Warm water and soothing jets can loosen up stiff joints, preparing you for the day ahead. The Mini is perfect for singles or couples looking to save space and experience deep, relaxing soaks.

Morning Exercise

You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and run 5 miles every morning (unless you want to!)- but consider some light exercise to get the blood flowing when you roll out of bed. You can stretch, do yoga, or dance it out to a curated playlist. Getting your heart pumping and warming up your body for just a few minutes in the morning can leave you feeling refreshed all day long!

Hit the Town

Drive or walk to your nearest coffee, bagel, or doughnut shop for a morning treat a couple times per week to jazz up your routine. Getting out of the house and treating yourself to fresh coffee or tea and a tasty treat before you start the workday can be a great thing to look forward to- especially early on Monday mornings.

Do Something Fun

While you sip on your coffee or tea, do something that is just plain fun before starting your day. Play an old favorite video game, run around the house with your pets or kids, watch funny dog videos online, scroll through new recipes and cooking videos… anything that gives you that boost of feel-good emotions!

While humans are creatures of routine and habit, it can be beneficial for our mental and physical health to switch up our morning rituals every once in a while. These 5 simple, quick morning activities can leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on your day! Just make sure to set a timer so you don’t end up late to your morning meetings 😉


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