Why Buy a Mini?

There’s always room for a Mini.

One of our most popular spas year-over-year is the 2-person Freeflow Spas Mini. It’s compact, at only 6’ by 3’11”, so it fits almost anywhere. It’s lightweight, fits through a standard doorway, and is quite comfortable, offering both a jetted lounge seat and a captain’s style seat. Plus, it’s affordable at just $2,999 including a cover and shipping. You can also finance it for just $98/month!

Still need more reasons to love a Mini?

It’s the perfect date destination! When you think of date night, you think romance, candlelight, and un-interrupted time, right? What better place to have date night than in a jetted, warm water bath that soothes and relaxes you? Leave the cell phones inside and slip out to your Mini. Use the multi-color underwater LED lights to set the mood. Bring out your beverage of choice and set it on the accessory tray for convenience and comfort. It’ll be a date night you won’t forget. 

Couple relaxing in two-person hot tub

It’s your own personal escape on the 15th floor (or whatever floor you live on). Do you live in a high rise building filled with other tenants in a city teeming with people moving about at all hours? If so, your home is your escape from that hustle and bustle. But once you are safely inside your haven, how do you treat yourself? A Mini is lightweight (250 lbs. before water) and compact, so it fits on most balconies, helping you create a private escape (quite literally) above the noise. Even better – the Mini fits through building entryways, making it easy to move onto your balcony through elevators, hallways, and doors. There's no need for an extra long crane or crew to help you get it to where you want. It will soon become the thing you look forward to most when sitting in traffic or after a long night out and about with friends.

Enjoying the view outside in the two person hot tub by Freeflow Spas
It fits anywhere, quite literally. One of the best features of a Mini is the size. You can buy a Mini from your local spa retailer and put it in the back of a pick-up truck or a minivan. You can bring it with you camping, tailgating, or on an RV trip. It runs on a standard generator and can be easily towed. Do you have a Florida room that needs a little something more to complete it? Do you have a small balcony or odd-shaped patio? Add a Mini! 

Recovery never felt so good! Are you an athlete or do you just love a good workout? Add hot tubbing to your recovery plan. Let the warm water get the blood flowing and the jets massage those aching muscles. It’ll be the best post-workout recovery session you’ve ever had!

Chatting with my spouse in my two person hot tub

You deserve "me time," too. After a long day at work or before you start your day, disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself, by escaping to your Mini. It’s big enough for 2 people, but perfect for just 1, offering you a choice of a jetted lounge seat or captain’s seat. Use this time to clear your mind and focus on the positive aspects of your life. Having your alone time can help reset your day, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Empty nest = extra space in the house. Add a Mini! Once the kids leave, you might be at odds for how to use the extra space (and time) you now have. A Mini is the perfect addition for empty nesters. You can get started in the hot tubbing lifestyle in a compact, energy-efficient tub built for reconnecting. It’s also just 28” high, which makes for easy entry and exit from the spa. It’s a simple addition to your home with a big impact. But be forewarned: once the kids catch wind of your new hot tub, they might be spending more time back at home, re-filling that empty nest!

Ready to take the plunge and add a Mini to your life? Click here

For more information about the Freeflow Spas Mini, fill out the information below or contact your local dealer.

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