4 Spa Games to play in your Hot Tub (the G rated version!)

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!

Today marks the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  For many, today also marks the last day of school, which is great news for kids, but not for parents who now have to figure out how to entertain their kids all day.

Having two young children of my own, if I can find fun activities for the kids that aren't excruciating for me, count me in!  Like turning the temperature down in the hot tub, and letting the kids splash around while I sunbathe in a comfy chair...mmmmmm...relaxing. But anyway, back to fun games to play in the hot tub.

We’ve got 4 fun activities you can do in your spa that never fail to entertain on those long summer afternoons and evenings.

1) Waterproof board games and playing cards: Turn your hot tub into a game room with waterproof UNO or Poker cards. You can also play Checkers or Black Jack on a floating game board.

aptos_3918-resized-6002) The Name Game: Going clockwise one person starts by saying the name of any famous person (Madonna). The following person must say a different celebrity’s name that starts with the first letter, in this case it’s M (Matt Damon). To switch things up if the person comes back with a double letter name such as Mike Myers then the game reverses direction, going back to the person that just took a turn.

  3) Races: Push or blow two or more floating boats, ducks, or anything else from one end to the other. To make it more interesting give a prize to the last object floating upright.

 4) Star Gazing: Did you know that there’s supposed to be a Super Moon this Sunday? Because of some cool astrological details that I know nothing about won’t bore you with, the moon is supposed to 16% bigger and 30% brighter on Sunday than normal.  Don't believe me? Take a look below, I've got a cool graphic, courtesy of NASA to prove it!

Now it's Your Turn

Does your family have any tricks for entertaining kids during the long summer break? How about any spa games that your kids just love, or even made up themselves?  If you do, we'd love to hear about them!  Happy Summer!


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