Freeflow Spas is TradeCertified™! What Does it Mean?

 For the 10th year in a row, Freeflow Spas is TradeCertified! This means that we are among the best of the best when it comes to hot tub manufacturers due to our proven track record of providing superior products, service, and customer satisfaction.

 In addition to these traits, TradeCertified status is awarded for exceptional employees and employee training. 

Watkins Wellness, the makers of Freeflow Spas, is the global hot tub leader and has built more than 1.5 million hot tubs. The unmatched experience of Watkins Wellness means unsurpassed quality and long-term reliability, earning Freeflow Spas the highly sought-after TradeCertified endorsement for 2021. 

When searching for a hot tub, it can be hard to tell who is the best and what your money is really getting you. TradeCertified is uniquely qualified to help you find the top rated pool and spa manufacturers and dealers in the world.  


What does it take to become TradeCertified?

All TradeCertified pool and spa manufacturers must meet the following 10 best practices.

  • An established business history: This ensures excellent merchants that have at least two years of operation with a proven track record and low risk of going out of business.
  • Exceptional customer feedback: TradeCertified spa businesses must have a demonstrated history of superior customer satisfaction with validated reviews and testimonials.
  • Permanent retail location(s): Businesses must have at least one permanent retail location available to customer during normal operating business hours.
  • Industry training: All participating businesses must attend at least one pool/spa industry training event or receive one dedicated factory training per year.
  • Business Affiliation: The business must show that they promote the pool and spa industry, support their local community, and show a commitment to education. There is a requirement to be in good standing in at least one of the following organizations: Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Independent Pool & Spa Service Association (IPSSA), etc.
  • Consumer bill of rights: Proven customer track records, adherence to low-pressure sales tactics, a clear dispute resolution policy, and adherence to the TradeCertified Consumer Bill of Rights is required for all members.
  • Sourcing quality products: To show a commitment to providing quality products, TradeCertified businesses must be committed to sourcing their products from a TradeCertified manufacturer, supplier, or vendor.
  • Adequate inventory: Businesses must have adequate inventory to promote consumer choice with easy side-by-side model and product comparison.
  • Employee training: TradeCertified businesses must show dedication to investing in their people, keeping up with emerging service trends, and updates in factory education. Employees must be offered consistent sales and service training.
  • Corporate citizen: Most importantly, TradeCertified members must show they the give back to their local communities, do not take shortcuts, and display exceptional business ethics.

Freeflow Spas is proud to uphold these 10 best practices, providing you with quality hot tubs, exceptional service, and most importantly, an easy and affordable way to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy while soaking the days away.

For more information on TradeCertified companies, visit their website here.



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