How to Enjoy Your Summer Hot Tub Soak (and Stay Cool)

Summer is in full swing! The air temperature is as hot as your hot tub water. But you're missing your daily soak. How can you hot tub even in the dog days of Summer? 

Yes! The soothing effects of water and jets don’t need to be limited to cold days and Winter months. There are a few simple tricks to turn your hot tub into a cool oasis to escape from the heat.



To soak on a hot Summer day, start by lowering the temperature of your tub. Your Freeflow spa's temperature can be set as low as 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important to note that spas don’t actively cool the water down. The spa will simply hold off on heating the water until it drops below your set temperature. Want it cooler faster? Lower the temp, remove the cover, start the jets, and wait for your tub to reach your desired temperature.



The simplest path to colder water is ice! You might be tempted to add a few trays of your typical ice cubes to your tub but there’s a better way. Instead of potentially altering your water chemistry with ice, you can freeze water in milk jugs and add them to your tub. Adding a frozen jug or similar container will quickly bring down the temperature of your spa without increasing the water level.



When the weather heats up, staying hydrated is key – especially when hot tubbing. Make sure to bring lots of cold water, tea, lemonade, or even some frozen mocktails to every soak!


Make sure you and your spa are covered from the sun’s rays. You can use umbrellas, canopies, DIY sails, and more! Keeping the sun off your spa helps prolong its lifespan, keeps the water at your set temperature, and shields everyone from harmful UV rays.

Still craving warm water in hot weather? Summer mornings and evenings are the perfect time to use your tub at full strength! Plan your day around your favorite soaking moment. To relieve stress and anxiety before starting your day, try a morning soak. You can also wind down on a cool Summer night and get ready for bed with a relaxing hydromassage.

Summertime doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite leisure activity. Browse our selection of award-winning Freeflow Spas Plug-N-Play hot tubs to find the perfect tub for your backyard space. 


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