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A lot of people relate hot tubs to their vacations. And, why not? Hot tubbing is a chance relax, disconnect, and decompress – certainly things we don’t get enough of on a daily basis. If you own a vacation rental property, entice your searching travelers with something you know they will appreciate and use. Whether your property is by hiking trails, a bustling city, or large body of water, nothing beats the feeling of going "home" and having a personal hot tub experience with travel buddies or a partner.

Have you ever heard of a Plug-N-Play hot tub? It’s a hot tub that plugs right into any standard 110v outlet, no special wiring or electrician’s help required. It’s the perfect complement to your rental property and operates just as well as a standard 220v hot tub. plug n play with fade

Plug-N-Play hot tubs are much more affordable, very easy to use, and easier to maintain than traditional 220v hot tubs. (It’s also easily converted to 220v with the help of a licensed electrician, if you prefer. See the difference between 110v and 220v hot tubs here.)

Freeflow Spas offers 10 unique Plug-N-Play models, ranging from 2-7-seaters, so you can easily pick your spa based on the number of guests your property can accommodate. The spas are built to be energy efficient, with full foam insulation, a thermal locking cover, and eco-friendly modes to minimize energy spend when the spa isn’t in use (or the property is vacant). Best of all, they are made from a durable plastic that lasts for years and can stand up to the constant flow of renters and vacationers.

Worried about your guests leaving the heat on too high or too low? Concerned about them leaving lights and jets on? With the new WiFi-kit, you are in control of the spa's settings, no matter where you are in the world–all from your smartphone or tablet. 

Not to brag, but we should also mention they’re made by the global hot tub leader, Watkins Wellness, and rated #1 in value for 2020 by TradeCertified™.

Competition is fierce out there! Having a hot tub will differentiate your property and help it become the top listing in your area, no matter where you are. It’s even an option on most vacation rental websites to filter out properties that don’t have hot tubs… We know you like to be the best at everything you do, so why stop short here?

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“There is little doubt that having a hot tub is an advantage in attracting low and shoulder season rentals. When there’s a lot of choice for prospective renters looking for an out-of-season break, extra amenities can be the deal decider, so the more options you can offer the better chance you have of converting a casual enquirer into a confirmed renter. Hot tubs and saunas come high on a renter’s wish list. I’ve put a hot tub in each of my properties and they have paid for themselves in a relatively short time with marginally increased rental rates and higher occupancy”- Vacation Rental Formula

Are you ready to create the experience your travelers are looking for to keep your rental property booked year-round? Visit your local Freeflow Spas retailer today!

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