Most Epic At-Home Date Night

Date night has changed. Your typical Wednesday dinner out is now another homecooked meal… and endless dishes. After months of at-home dates, how can you make Valentine’s Day special this year?

The answer is simpler than you’d expect! Obviously, the most epic at-home V-day takes place in a hot tub. The trick to making date night special is to make this soak different from your normal routine. Follow this step-by-step playbook to create the most epic stay-at-home Valentine’s Day!

Step 1: Ambiance


The first step in creating the perfect date night is ambiance. Light up some candles, turn on a playlist that matches the mood (if you need help picking a playlist – check out Freeflow Spas’ Spotify for curated spa music!), and get ready to soak! An easy way to add ambiance is to make it personal. Grab some towels in your partner’s favorite color, finish that last-minute yardwork you can see from the tub, or surprise them with a brand new, soft robe for post-soak coziness.

Step 2: Activity


Special nights need special activities! Soaking together is the perfect time to reconnect with conversation. Keeping children entertained is a full-time job in addition to your full-time job! The perfect date night might mean distracting the kids. Treat them to a new video game, book, or movie, and sneak away for a while.

If you’ve been spending plenty of quality time together, there are tons of ways to make each hot tubbing night unique! An easy go-to activity is playing waterproof card games. The options are endless! From traditional cards to conversation starters, there is something for everyone. Games aren’t your thing? Turn on a movie, make some snacks, or simply enjoy quiet time together.

Step 3: Attention

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The key to any date’s success is attention to your partner. A hot tub is the perfect place for a distraction-free date night. Silence your notifications and leave the phones somewhere far away from the spa. If you’re having trouble connecting through the noise of everyday life, scroll through some conversation topics and start there.

Whether you play a game or enjoy being alone together, paying attention to your partner is the most important part of the night. Put down your phones, get in the tub, and enjoy being in the moment, together.

This Valentine’s day may look different than those of the past, but there are still plenty of ways to spend quality time with your partner (or with yourself!) in your bubbly spa.

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