Six Spa Safety Tips for the Summer

Summer is in full swing across the nation. Kids are outside playing, you’re running around from activity to activity, and everyone is enjoying the long sunny days. Despite all the busyness, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your spa maintained and ensuring a safe environment all summer long. Here are six easy, yet essential safety tips for you and your family to follow this summer (and all year round!):

1. Always supervise your children when they’re in or around your spa. The water is shallow, and they know the rules…but you never know what adventures they have planned for the day. Plus, this gives you an excuse to sit outside and relax instead of tackling that hefty stack of laundry awaiting.
2. Keep the cover on and locked when you’re not using it. All Freeflow spas come with a thermal locking cover to keep the water warm 24/7. They also come with clips that you can easily install to lock and secure the area while the spa is not in use. Keeping the cover closed and locked is an easy way to know no one will be able to get in without your help.

Bonus tip: Cover lifters offer an extra measure of safety with a bar that runs across the cover to keep it locked in place. Lifters help you hot tub quicker and they can keep you safer when the tub is not in use!

3. Maintain a safe water temperature. Luckily, Freeflow spas don’t let you go over the recommended maximum water temperature of 104 degrees. Any hotter is considered a risk to your health. Although 104 is the max heat setting, you and your children might be comfortable in cooler temperatures, especially during those hot summer months. Try starting at 98 degrees, then use the intuitive control panel to increase or decrease the temperature to what’s best for you

4. Don’t stay in too long. We know hot tubbing is fun and it’s hard to leave the warm water and soothing jets. But as the famous saying states… ‘everything in moderation’. Using your spa in moderation is key and will lead to the best results, both mentally and physically. It’s best to hot tub in small increments throughout the day, between 5-30 minutes.

5. Monitor your water! Keeping your chemicals balanced at all times will ensure a safe and clean hot tubbing experience. You can refer to our Quick Start Guide, the Owner’s Manual, as well as our YouTube channel to help you with water care. Freeflow Spas are easy to maintain, so you can spend more time hot tubbing and less time worrying.

6. No (excessive) alcohol consumption. Alcohol can alter the way you think and behave, so it’s safest to not consume alcoholic beverages when in a spa. Drinking alcohol can also cause rapid dehydration when paired with hot water soaks. If you do choose to indulge, be smart and safe while doing it. Many of our models have a built-in cooler that can keep all your juices, water, and favorite drinks cold and within reach.

Hot tubbing is a safe and fun way to get the family together and spend quality time without electronics or distractions. It’s way to bring people together and celebrate the good times.

It’s also your time to be alone and decompress after the week’s hectic schedule. By following these six simple safety tips, you will enjoy your hot tubbing experience for many years to come. No matter how or who you decide to use it, let the lasting memories begin!

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