I’ve ordered my hot tub. Now what?

Congratulations! Welcome to our community of happy hot tubbers! You just made one of the best investments in you that you could ever imagine.

Before you can get soaking know what your next steps are:

First, decide where you are going to put your spa

We always recommend a flat, level, reinforced area like a patio or cement slab. Freeflow Spas hot tubs are lightweight and portable, so you might also consider placing your spa on a deck or balcony. But check to make sure it can support the final weight of the spa with water and people.

When selecting that perfect hot tubbing location, leave an 18” space around your spa for your cover to rest during soaks and for easy access to the control panel for any maintenance.

Next decide whether you are going to leave the hot tub as it comes standard (110-volt) or change it to a 230-volt. If you decide to change it to a 230v, this requires a licensed electrician and a dedicated 230v outlet. There is no need to make your decision right away; you can leave it as it comes standard and if you ever want to make the switch you can do so at that time.

Once those details are decided on, shift your focus to getting your spa into your backyard (or wherever you plan to it set up).

If you bought your Freeflow spa from your local spa retailer, you can sit back and relax. They’ll deliver it and set it up in the exact space you’ve carved out for your hot tubbing haven. You can even work with them on that initial fill and water treatment session. Local spa retailers are experts and should be your first and only call for any spa needs.

If you bought your Freeflow spa from our website, you get an update on your spa’s arrival about a week out from delivery. Your spa will be delivered to your curbside.

From here, you have 2 options.

  • Move the spa yourself from the driveway to the area you’ve set up for your spa. Freeflow Spas are lightweight and portable, so you should be able to move it with a couple of friends. Use a furniture dolly or lay down some moving pads/cardboard to make it easier. Freeflow Spas exterior is very tough and durable but you’ll still want to limit your spa from rubbing on the ground.
  • Call your local spa expert to help you move it from your driveway to the area you want. They’ll bring in all the muscle and supplies you need for a smooth first day with your spa. They’ll even help you get started by filling it up and plugging it in.

Whatever option you choose, make sure your home is ready for the delivery! Clear out a space from your driveway to the hot tub’s final resting spot. You might need to open a gate or take the gate off its hinges. Make sure your outlet (dedicated, not connected via an extension cord) is within 18” of your spa for easy connection.

Then, simply place the spa, fill the spa by inserting the garden hose into the filter, plug it in, and allow it to start warming up! You’ll want to fill it up to about 6” below the lower lip of the spa or at least as high as the top jets, more if you prefer a bit more water. Just remember that you’ll displace some water when you first get in.

Once the tub is filled, put that thermal locking cover over top to keep the heat trapped inside. It’ll take about 24 hours for that Plug-N-Play (110v) hot tub to reach 104 degrees. Then comes the wait…we’re not going to deny it. These just might be the longest 24 hours of your life. You’ve already waited a few weeks for the spa to be delivered. You can see it; you hear the jets and bubbles just begging you to jump in. But it’ll be worth the wait! We promise!

Then, you have years and years and years of self-care, hydrotherapy to look forward to.

If you need help navigating these first days of owning your spa, let us know!

Tag us in all your hot tub fun at @FreeflowSpas! Happy hot tubbing!

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