Backyard Camping? Heck yeah!

Does your family love camping but you can’t find the time to get away? Or does the thought of loading up the car with all those supplies for a quick weekend stop you in your tracks? Why not create your own backyard camping trip that the kids (and you) will never forget?

The first thing you need is a tent big enough to fit the entire family. If you need to upgrade your accommodations or add a tent to your supplies, here are some great and affordable options for you to consider.

What about the campfire? Please check with your local authorities for any regulations on open flames in your backyard. Once you get the all-clear, building a backyard campfire (or fire pit) is easy. Here are some images for inspiration.

Stock up on easy-to-cook outdoor foods that the entire family can prepare together. And, of course, you have to prepare for the s'mores adventure! Check out some of the best and easiest camping foods to cook over an open flame.

Now what?

To keep the kids entertained we would suggest some backyard games like bocce ball, washer toss, bag toss, and Wiffle ball. Use this as an excuse to add some new yard games to your supply like giant Jenga or Connect Four.


Some of these games are great for the parents as well, but you should try to carve out some time to relax. Installing a hammock is a great way to go.

Once the sun has set and the last s'more has been devoured, it's time for some evening entertainment. Drape a white cloth in the darkest part of the yard and project a movie for all to enjoy. Better yet, just add water to create your own float-n-flick experience. Hot tubs are a great way to pull the family together for a memorable, relaxing experience on any budget and any backyard size. With plug’n’play models, all you need is a standard outlet to heat the water. No special wiring or electrical configuration required! Plus, the hot tub will be enjoyed well beyond the weekend camping trip.

Don't have a hot tub yet? You will be surprised how affordable it can be. Check out to learn more. Evaluate your options–from 2-person hot tubs to a 7-seater large enough for your entire family to enjoy together. You can even schedule a visit to a local retailer for a test soak.

Hot tubs can even be financed for low monthly payments that are way less than a weekend trip to the campground. Plus, you will benefit from the stress-reducing, family bonding, and personal escape of your very own hot tub any time you want.

Happy Camping (and Hot Tubbing!) 😊

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