The Difference Between 110v and 220v Hot Tubs


One of the nicest things about 110v or “Plug-N-Play” hot tubs is that once it’s sitting in your backyard, all you have to do to enjoy it is fill it up and plug it in. You don’t need to hire an electrician and hard wire anything. Because it only draws 11 amps, it can be plugged into a regular outdoor outlet.

Additional benefits of 110v hot tubs:

  • Simple, fast set up. All you have to do is plug it in.
  • You can finally own a hot tub even if you’re renting your home, since you don’t have to alter any electrical wiring.
  • Because they can be plugged in anywhere, can easily rearrange your backyard or take your spa with you if you move.


Now let’s talk about converting a Plug-N-Play spa to 220 volts. A misconception that we hear all the time is that converting a spa to 220 volts will increase the jet power. That is completely false. Converting a hot tub from 110v to 220v has absolutely no effect whatsoever on jet performance. You will however see a difference in the time it takes to heat the water on the initial fill. When the hot tub is converted to 220v, the heater gets more power. With Freeflow spas, the heater goes from 1kw to 4kw when converted to 220v.

  • Because of the added power of the heater, the spa is able to heat the water faster. This is really only a benefit when you are heating the water for the first time. Both 110v and 220v spas will keep the water hot around the clock.
  • 220v spas can heat the water while the jets are on high or low. 110v spas can only heat the water while the jets are on low.

All Freeflow Spas come standard as a 110v Plug-N-Play hot tub, but can easily be converted to 220 volts by a licensed electrician. And regardless of your chosen voltage, all Freeflow Spas come fully insulated for maximum heat retention so your spa is always hot and ready, whenever you are.

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I have an older free flow. I can’t make out the serial number so I’m Jt sure what model it is.
It is a 110v only. Upon installing it I can use topside buttons to control everything but I can’t turn to pump to high. It just stays on the low function. I replaced the topside controller and am still having the same problem.

Mark Armijo 25 février 2021

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