Fall Back in Love with Hot Tubbing

Sometimes, even the most excited hot tub owners find that their spa goes unused for long periods of time. Some even unplug and give up on their dreams of daily soaks.

Life gets in the way, work days run long into the night, the kids need dinner, the dog wants to go for a walk… We totally get it!

But instead of letting your spa turn into an unplugged storage table in the backyard, let’s try falling back in love with the joys- and benefits- of hot tubbing.

Remember the good times: It’s likely that you have had many good times in your spa with friends, family, or even alone. Reflect on these times and all the joys that came with, like family bonding, storytelling, endless laughter, and peaceful nights. Regular hot tub soaks can bring families closer together, especially when ditching the electronics. Use these memories for motivation to dust off your hot tub cover and clear those cobwebs!

Health benefits of hot tubs: Soaking in hot water has been used as a therapeutic practice since ancient Egyptian times. Cultures all over the world have harnessed the healing powers of hot water for thousands of years before the modern hot tub came to fruition.

Regular hot water soaks can ease stress, soothe sore muscles, and wash away nagging aches and pains. It also improves blood circulation and promotes better sleep.

These benefits of soaking in a hot tub are experienced most effectively when used on a regular basis.

Re-introduce yourself: If it’s been a while, you may have forgotten about how to operate your spa or the features it comes with. Perhaps you forgot how to balance your water or how to change the filter modes. Worry not! Refresh yourself on the features and operating instructions of your Freeflow spa.

Keep the water fresh and clean: Dirty, old water can be a major deterrent when trying to get back into the hot tubbing habit. Even if you finally find time one day after weeks of not using your spa, the water is probably a little bit green and not too inviting.

Start with small steps, like remembering to test and balance your water at least once per week when your spa is not in use. Having fresh, clean water in your spa means it’s ready to be used at any moment.

Create a pleasant atmosphere: On a freezing cold night, it might not seem worth the effort to walk across your yard and hop into the tub. And if your neighbors can see you hopping in and out of the tub, you may skip soaking and find something else to do. Or perhaps your backyard is a mess, and you just don’t want to go out there anymore.

To promote regular hot tub use, it’s important to create a pleasant atmosphere that you look forward to entering and spending time in. Get your DIY hat on and reconfigure your spa space with comfort and experience in mind. Consider creating privacy from nosey neighbors or installing heaters outside for frigid nights.  

Stick to a schedule: Whether you plan on soaking alone, with family, or a mix of both, try setting a schedule (and sticking to it)! To experience the benefits of hot tubbing, you can soak anywhere from 5-30 minutes per day. Carve out time for you and your family to all be together specifically for a hot tub soak.

Accessorize: Everybody loves new things! To re-spark your love for hot tubbing, shop around for fun spa accessories like floating drink trays, color-changing floating lights, Bluetooth speakers, and even new swimsuits. This can help add a tinge of excitement for hopping back into your spa on a regular basis.  

The health benefits of hot tubbing are no secret. Just like going to the gym, though, it takes consistency and motivation to experience results.

So, buy yourself a new suit, get your spa water crystal clear again, and re-enter the joys of hot tubbing!

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