Freeflow Spas Unique Features: Make the Most of Your Soak

Both our Sport and Premier Series offer hot tubbers relaxing soaks in easy-to-own spas, but there are a few differences between models.  

Premier Series spas offer three unique upgraded features for those looking to elevate their spa experience. These include pillows, exterior lighting, and faux-wood siding.  

Let's dive into all of the wonderful features!

Child reaching for a soda out of the built in ice bucket on spa

Built-in Ice Bucket 

Yes, the hot tub has an ice-bucket! To access it, slide off the lid with the Freeflow Spas logo on it and fill the cavity with ice! The unique built-in cooler keeps cold drinks close by and easily accessible for any hot tubber enjoying a soak. The insulation keeps the drinks at perfect temperature while you enjoy the 104-degree water just inches away. 

All Premier models and select Sport series models offer built-in ice buckets. 

 Man resting with eyes closed against pillow in spa


Lay back and relax on our built-in pillows which offer a lush place to rest your head during a long soak.  

Sport series owners can upgrade their spa with pillows by contacting their local dealer. 


Exterior Lighting 

Press the lightbulb looking button on the control panel to turn on the exterior lights. They will help light your pathway and ensure for an extra-safe entry and exit from your spa. 

 Hot tub with blue interior lighting in a nice backyard at dusk

Interior Lighting  

Each Freeflow Spa comes with an interior multi-colored LED light. To switch between colors, keep tapping the lightbulb button on the control panel and toggle between blue, purple, green, and white. If you can’t choose, there’s an option to keep it rotating through the colors while you soak.  

Child playing in the adjustable waterfall on a spa

Extra Features 

Some other notable features of Freeflow spas are the waterfall, temperature controls, and jet controls. To work the waterfall, slide the knob located on the top of it to adjust the flow. If you’re hot tubbing with kids, they’ll get hours of entertainment from it. To adjust the temperature, use the up and down arrows on the control panel. Keep in mind that 104 is the maximum you can go. And finally, use the jets button to switch between low-speed and high-speed, and the air control valves to direct jet flow to different seats! 

 Family of 4 enjoying a hot tub on a cloudy day

Faux-Wood Siding 

A distinct feature of our Premier Series spas, faux-wood wrapped siding comes in multiple color options and upgrades the look of the rotationally-molded shell while providing a classy design element. 


Make sure to utilize all these features to make the most of your soak! Have more questions about operating a Freeflow spa? Visit the Owner's Corner.   

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