How to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean Without Tons of Chemicals

One of the realities of owning a hot tub is keeping the water clean and sanitary.  Along with a good filtration system, keeping your water in a usable and safe condition is rather easy.  There are an unbelievable amount of products for you to choose from but many of those containing bromine and or chlorine as the primary sanitizer will give your water a slight odor that some people find objectionable. 


Here are some of the options available- make sure your spa's structure and parts are compatible with these before trying out! Contact your local spa dealer to find out.



Ozone systems are one of the most common types of sanitation equipment found in hot tubs today.  Ozonators produce, you guessed it, Ozone, which is a gas that when in contact with water, neutralizes biological contaminants reducing the amount of chemicals needed to treat your hot tub.  This will not eliminate the need for chemicals, just reduce the amount required. They are quite simple to add onto any hot tub that has the fittings for it. You can purchase one here!

Mineral Sanitizers


Mineral sanitizers contain commonly found substances such as copper and silver which have properties that are effective at destroying bio contaminates in water.  In conjunction with a chemical sanitizer, these products will keep the quantity of chemicals needed to keep your hot tub clean.  Nature2 and Spa Frog are examples of Mineral Sanitizers


Natural Moss Filtration


A relatively new product introduced within the last couple of years is a type of moss which grows naturally in lakes and rivers which is one of nature’s way of filtering water.  This moss has been harvested and shaped into a form that can be used to treat the water in your hot tub.  Although a small amount of sanitizer is still required, the quantity required is much less than if you did not use the moss at all.  This product is sold under the brand name SpaNaturally.

Salt Water Sanitation Systems

Salt systems are offered by some manufacturers as an option and others can be installed as a retrofit.  These systems require the hot tub owner to keep a minimal salt content in the water which these devices then turn into natural sanitizers that keep your water clean.  These systems are mostly automated and only require the addition salt which some systems regulate for you.  Two such systems are Nexa Spa and ACE.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all treatment systems but it will give you a feel for what is out there.  I recommend you speak to your local hot tub dealer about what they have available and you can weigh the pros and cons for yourself.  


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