Plug-In Hot Tubs Make Great Holiday Gifts

Plug in hot tubs are generally smaller, lighter and more portable than most hard wired tubs.  In some cases they can be moved by only one or two people.  This portability makes your purchase that much easier because if you later decide that the location you had designated for your hot tub is not working out, you can easily relocate it.  This can be a real bonus if you are renting your home or condo and want to take the hot tub with you. Additionally, because the tub is powered with an 110v plug in cord, you will not incur the expense of having to move the power as long as the location you decide to move it to has a standard 110v plug.  If you should decide to move the tub somewhere where there is not 110v power, the cost to have power brought to the hot tub is much less than when wiring for 220v spas.  Keep in mind that if you want to convert your 110v plug in hot tub into a 220v later on, many 110v units have this feature built in.

Whether you live in sunny California or somewhere where your winters are harsher, the warm therapeutic water and the convenience of an 110v plug in hot tub can make a great stress relieving gift for both the giver and the recipient.


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