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You know the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” don’t you wish an apple was the quick fix?  What if we could tell you the famous saying holds true for hot tubs?  Heck, ancient history reveals the Romans used heat therapy as their version of Affordable Care Act by healing their physical and emotional wounds with hot water. Researcher Joel M. Stager, Ph.D., believes a regular dip in sizzling H2O can slow aging, improve respiration, muscle mass, and cardiovascular function.  Let’s look at the facts and tell you why health care is just a hydrotherapy jet away:



  • According to The Arthritis Foundation, regular sessions in your hot tub helps restore and preserve muscle strength and flexibility, and also protects joints from further damage
  • Soaking in hot water elevates your body temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate and increase circulation, resulting in less swelling and pain, and increases mobility

Better Sleep

  • Soaking in hot water 90 minutes before bedtime can help you fall into a deeper, more restful sleep
  • Studies show that hot tubs have improved the quality of sleep for many individuals
  • Having your own hot tub can offer you these health benefits, within the comfort of your own home

Back Pain & Muscle Injuries

For back pain sufferers, a hot tub can be one of the sources of relief from disabling pain. According to the National Institutes of Health the most vital treatments for back pain are ice and heat. The heat relaxes your surrounding muscles, which reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow and promoting healing. If your hot tub is doctor prescribed; some states will eliminate sales tax on a hot tub with a doctor’s note. 

  • According to the National Institutes of Health the most vital treatments for back pain are ice and heat
  • The heat relaxes your surrounding muscles, which reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow to promote healing
  • If your hot tub is doctor prescribed; some states will eliminate sales tax on a hot tub with a doctor’s note

Stress Relief: 

Stress is common in daily life, and cam be damaging both emotionally and physically.  Those affected can experience rapid, shallow breathing and slower digestion.  Since we can't avoid it, the key to dealing with stress is relieving it!

  • Hot tubs get your endorphins flowing by combining hydrotherapy with hot water relaxation.
  • A soothing and relaxing soak in a hot tub can help counteract stress and its effects on the human body
  • It is the perfect antidote to a hectic and stressful lifestyle

Lower Blood Sugar Levels:

  • Studies published in New England Journal of Medicine show that heat therapy has a positive effect on patients with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Patients who spent 30 minutes per day in a hot tub reported a 13% decrease in blood sugar levels, improved sleep, and a higher sense of well-being.

Family Time:

We all have busy lives; sometimes we’re lucky if we see our spouse or kids for ½ hour before bedtime. Instead of trying to get everyone at the dinner table maybe bring the family together in the hot tub! You’d be surprised how much your kids suddenly love hanging out with you when there’s a hot tub involved!


  • Hot tubs and spas have been at the center of social life for ages, beginning with Roman baths
  • Hot Tubs create a safe, welcoming space for your family to communicate, bond and most importantly, have fun!
  • Forget movie night; an evening in the hot tub will keep your kids entertained and may get them to open up and start talking!


And what about after the kids go to bed? Wouldn’t you rather soak in a hot tub with your spouse than sit on the couch and watch TV?

  • Can’t afford a babysitter? Take a soak in the hot tub with your spouse
  • Instead of watching TV trade shoulder, foot, and head massages
  • Seeking marital bliss?  It’s pretty hard to fight in a hot tub!


Ever feel like you just want to shut off the entire world and empty out your brain? Imagine escaping to your backyard at night, by yourself, and just soaking the stress away, while you stare up at the stars?

  • Heat dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissue.
  • Buoyancy reduces body weight by 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles.
  • Hydrotherapy via hot tub jets works to relax muscles and relieve pressure on nerves. Numerous independent studies have proven that a warm water massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural “feel good” chemical.  Your hot tub will enhance your sense of well-being, and leave you feeling fresh, clean and ready to tackle life’s daily challenges.


A 20-minute soak raises your body temperature and helps expel toxins from your body through sweat. Sweating is beneficial for people with asthma, or respiratory infections, and can help speed recovery from excess eating or drinking (hangover cure anyone?).  Sweating rids the body of excess sodium and other unwanted substances, taking the workload off the liver and kidneys.

Do we think hot tubs are a great way to stay healthy?  YES.  Are we going to make you purchase a hot tub as part of your personal health care regimen?  NO. Will you be fined hundreds of dollars if you don’t purchase a hot tub?  NO, but we do think you’ll regret it!

Happy Hot Tubbing!

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