Buying Online vs. In store: The Real Story Behind How To Buy A Hot Tub

Congratulations, you’ve decided to buy a hot tub! Now you need to decide how you’re going to buy it – online or from your local dealer. There really is no wrong way; it’s just a matter of preference. To help make your decision easier, we’ve outlined the benefits of each option.

Benefits of buying online:

  1. Selection: When buying online, all your options are available right in front of you. If it’s on the website, it can be yours! You get to select the color, size, and model you want without worrying if it’s in stock.
  2. Reviews: Who better to hear from than other spa owners? Reading online reviews allows you to hear about real-life hot tub ownership experiences so that you can feel 100% confident in your purchase.
  3. Pricing on Site: Looking for a great spa but don’t want to break the bank? Typically, what you see is what you get with online shopping. All prices are listed on the website, including shipping and other fees.
  4. Time: You’ve made the decision that you want a hot tub, and now you can’t wait for that first soak, right? When you buy online, your spa gets shipped directly to your home from the warehouse. Just schedule that curbside delivery for a time that fits your schedule and you’ll be hot tubbing in no time!

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While buying online appeals to many, it’s not the shopping experience that everyone wants. If you are looking for more of that personal touch with a hot tub expert to guide your decision making, you might consider buying from a local hot tub retailer.

Benefits of buying from a local hot tub expert:

  1. Helpful Sales Associates: Do you need 10 jets or 30 jets? What does an Ozone do anyway? Expert sales associates can help cut through the jargon and find the spas, features, and accessories that fit your needs. They are local hot tub experts whose entire career is dedicated to making your hot tub buying experience seamless.
  2. Test Soak: Stuck on a few different options? Dealerships will often allow you to demo or “wet test” spas to ensure you’re completely satisfied prior to purchase. In some cases, they may not have the exact model you’re interested in ready for a test soak, but you’ll still get to see and touch the texture, controls, and style of the brand before you buy.
  3. Continued Support: Do you have questions on maintenance or water care? Your local hot tub retailer will teach you how to properly care for your spa and they’ll be there in case you have more questions down the road. You know the employees and they know you. They become part of your extended hot tubbing experience. Why not support your local dealership and get the white glove customer service you deserve?
  4. Initial Set Up: If you don’t want to carry the hot tub from your curbside to its designated spot and set it up yourself, your local dealer can do that for you when they deliver it. All you need to do is sit back and relax until the hot tub is heated to your preferred temperature!
  5. Time: Did you know that some dealers are able to deliver in-stock hot tubs as quickly as the same day you purchase, if they have it in stock? That means you can buy your spa today and have it home, filled with water and warming up before dinner. Better yet, with Freeflow Spas, you can pop a hot tub in the back of your pickup truck or minivan and bring it home yourself from the store. Cash-and-carry often gets you a nice discount, too!
  6. Price: While prices may vary by dealer or location, local dealers often run special pricing, promotions, or bundle accessories and services with their hot tubs to get you the best deal possible. Don’t forget to ask if your local dealer will price match against a published online price. A local retailer’s main goal is to get you set up with the best spa for your need at a price that matches your budget.

Ready to shop local with the spa expert in your area? Fill out the form below to contact the dealer in your area.

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