Who We Are: Behind the Scenes

You may know a little about our hot tubs but do you know what makes us different from other hot tub manufacturers? Real people, not machines make your hot tub. With Freeflow Spas®, hot tubs are personal. We don’t settle for mediocrity.


We want to introduce you to the people behind scenes; the ones ensuring you get the best quality and experience possible. Our production facility employs hundreds of people all focused on a specific part of building your hot tub. Every day Freeflow Spas are made and shipped to customers around the world. Many may argue that it doesn’t matter where you buy your hot tub, that a hot tub is just a hot tub. That’s simply not true. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. It is our team of hard-working employees that give us that strong reputation.




 So how exactly do our experts build your spa? The process all starts with the hot tub shell being formed. Once the shell has cooled down, the hot tub moves through a color-coded assembly line. This is when the plumbing, lighting, and jets are completed.  At the end of the line everything is tightened until there is no more tightening left!

  IMG_1836IMG_1835Before any hot tub ships it goes through a rigorous water test to ensure there are no leaks or malfunctions. Not one spa leaves testing without ensuring that the inner mechanics are customer-ready. Once the hot tub leaves testing it is fully insulated with spray-in foam. The foam expands and fills every nook and cranny of your hot tub. Then another team cleans your hot tub until it sparkles and inspects every inch, acting as the last ‘approval’ before shipping to its final stop—YOU! By the time your hot tub arrives at the end of the production line, everything is game time ready. There’s no messing around when it comes to the inner workings of your hot tub.

Side note: Should anything ever be amiss in your Freeflow hot tub, we have excellent warranty coverage and an in-house customer service department.




Our team is committed to delivering your spa in pristine shape. Our standards are high, and we never compromise our commitment to you.


Every day, lives improve and smiles form as people plug-in to the joys of hot tubbing.


Thinking about a hot tub, but not sure? We have 40 years of experience and our family of happy hot tubbers is growing every day. Click here to shop now or purchase through your local dealer

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